Date: 2010-03-30 09:08 pm (UTC)
I write in cursive only because it's far faster than printing, but if it's something whose precise reading matters, I have to block print. My cursive writing is very poor and has only gotten worse over the years, and I regret that we grew up at a time when cursive was emphasized. English isn't Arabic and I think that we would be better off if printed script were emphasized over cursive. If I could write in print at anything approaching the same speed I wrote in cursive, I would abandon it instantly. But if someone needs a lot of information on a form in not a lot of time, I have to write it in cursive.

I'm not aware of anyone who writes in "true" cursive, e.g. writing a capital "Q" shaped like the number "2" or other conventions that cause cursive to not resemble printed English. Most people ad-lib it (or, more candidly, half-ass it).
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