You've reached the new journal of [ profile] disgruntledjenn, which is now entirely friends only. Please refer to my friending policy on my user info. If you're here because I asked you to be, please leave a comment so I know to add you back.

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ok so i was going to add your other journal, but then i realized that we wouldn't be trading tit for tat if that were the case; my journal is friends-only as well and more of the personal daily ramblings of my currently fucked life.

that being said.
add me?

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I usually only add people I've known for awhile on this journal, but looking at your user info, I don't think this would be an seem like the type of person i'd get along with just fine!

I used to put this long rambling stuff on my other journal but just recently opened this one...well, just read back a few entries and you'll get the whole picture.

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you're added to mine too. i got caught up on yours which is rather short, but you've got a lot of catching up to do on me. ;) might want to start with my memories...particularly the Resume > Mental Health Resume entries.


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