I was reading this article today and got into a debate with my mom. I think cursive is a dead practice and she thinks children should continue to keep learning/using it. I recently wrote a long letter to a family member that doesn't use computers, and found it to be the most tiring task ever ... I know I can't be alone in this?

So, POLL TIME! Pass this on to your friends (it's a public entry), I'm curious as to what everyone else thinks! Feel free to leave comments if you have something else to say as well.

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In elementary school, once we learned cursive, we had to write in cursive ONLY. That lasted until sixth grade, when the middle school teachers didn't give a shit, LOL. Now that I work with kids, I notice that even though they're still learning cursive, the teachers don't force them to write in it all the time. It's weird, because I figured they would still do that.

Nowadays I only use cursive if I'm signing my name.

Speaking of the Hoff, did you get Mel's card?

From: [identity profile] dr-funbags.livejournal.com

I wish I would have been a kid in this day, because we had hardcore cursive lessons, and up until computers began to be used regularly, we were required to use it all the time.

Yeah, for the most part that's when I use it too. Or if I'm writing a note to somebody etc.

YES, haha. I got it last week and opened it today. GREATEST CARD EVER!!!!!
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From: [identity profile] laerwen.livejournal.com

Ha, your school did that too, huh? 3rd, 4th and 5th grade, I was NOT ALLOWED to write in print on anything. Then in 6th grade - yeah, no one cared. I think this was a weird-ass New York thing. XD

From: [identity profile] sideshowkat.livejournal.com

LOL, I guess so! If we wrote in print, even if we were just taking notes....we had to do it over in cursive. So annoying.


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