I was reading this article today and got into a debate with my mom. I think cursive is a dead practice and she thinks children should continue to keep learning/using it. I recently wrote a long letter to a family member that doesn't use computers, and found it to be the most tiring task ever ... I know I can't be alone in this?

So, POLL TIME! Pass this on to your friends (it's a public entry), I'm curious as to what everyone else thinks! Feel free to leave comments if you have something else to say as well.

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I write in cursive only because it's far faster than printing, but if it's something whose precise reading matters, I have to block print. My cursive writing is very poor and has only gotten worse over the years, and I regret that we grew up at a time when cursive was emphasized. English isn't Arabic and I think that we would be better off if printed script were emphasized over cursive. If I could write in print at anything approaching the same speed I wrote in cursive, I would abandon it instantly. But if someone needs a lot of information on a form in not a lot of time, I have to write it in cursive.

I'm not aware of anyone who writes in "true" cursive, e.g. writing a capital "Q" shaped like the number "2" or other conventions that cause cursive to not resemble printed English. Most people ad-lib it (or, more candidly, half-ass it).

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That's interesting - for me printing is done at a much more rapid speed than cursive. I found, while sitting down to write my letter, that cursive came painstakingly slow because I was attempting to remember how to do it "properly" ... or maybe I just wanted to impress my 80+ year old family member? Quite a few years had passed since I really sat down to use it for more than a quick post-it note though, so I'm betting it too is something that diminishes in ease when you don't use it regularly.

I am glad though, that they're starting to make sure the quality of writing is emphasized in schools now, rather than how it looks. I know far too many people who lack proper grammar in their writing, and can't spell to save their life!
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From: [identity profile] laerwen.livejournal.com

I write my capital Qs in cursive like a 2! But then, I am a stickler for form when I write in cursive. I don't know why - I've always been that way.


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