I was reading this article today and got into a debate with my mom. I think cursive is a dead practice and she thinks children should continue to keep learning/using it. I recently wrote a long letter to a family member that doesn't use computers, and found it to be the most tiring task ever ... I know I can't be alone in this?

So, POLL TIME! Pass this on to your friends (it's a public entry), I'm curious as to what everyone else thinks! Feel free to leave comments if you have something else to say as well.

[Poll #1545194]
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From: [personal profile] whiski_sour

I couldn't answer the Hoff question because while I don't find the Hoff sexy, I still acknowledge his awesomeness. Please take Hoff sexiness-neutrality into account the next time you include a Hoff related question in a poll. It does exist!


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